The General Francis Marion Hotel, once said to be the most elegant lodging establishment in Southwestern Virginia, reopened in February, 2006. After almost two years of renovation and restoration, the grand old hotel was reborn with the comfort, convenience and amenities of a modern hotel while retaining the ambience of the 1920s.

The Black Rooster gets its name from the original floor tile motif  in the upper mezzanine Card Room which features the trademark black rooster with a bubbling cocktail.  Legend has it that the black rooster was code during Prohibition for “Drinks Served Here”.  In the ballroom, the original walnut paneling and oak floor are still intact, as is the terrazzo floor on all three lobby floors, the hotel registration desk, switchboard, and a display cabinet – which is now used as a reception station inside The Black Rooster Restaurant.

Weekend Features

Friday & Saturday, September 20th & 21st


Apple Pork Loin 

with Glazed Apples, Apple Cider Reduction, 

 Roasted Red Potatoes &




Marinated Sirloin  

8 ounce Choice Cut Sirloin Rubbed & Marinated in  

Rooster Magic.  Served with Twice Baked Potato & Asparagus 



Warhorn Whiskey Chicken  

Grilled Chicken with Warhorn Whiskey Dijon BBQ Sauce,

 Carrots,  House Made Macaroni & Cheese